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One of the best cake disposables out there

Very good

it got clogged with the wax alot. but overall really good. definitely buyin again. the high was amazing🤞🏼.

It started spitting like half way through

It was a great option, not my fav tho. didn’t get me as messed up as i had hoped. but still a great choice.


It was very good but it also gets clogged with the wax a lot but very good and a very good high

Best Thing Ever!

Product came quick. Loving my new battery!


Love RR’s carts been with this brand since late 2019. Great highs, leaks, clogs here and there but his carts just hit amazing. Had many good times with these carts especially the Indica ones (they hit me so hard 😫) Also, Ice Cream Cookies and Grape Ape are my fav hitting strains. Maui Wowie for the energy and the gym fr be feelin like i can do unlimited reps. 100/10 will always love RR carts. Remember to keep them upright and don’t always be taking blinkers so they dont clog as much. peace n love 🫡🫡🫡🫡


blue dream flavor was good, gives a really good high as well


I really enjoy the blue dream flavor and I had no problems with the cartridge. No clog or spitting and it is so smooth.

Worth it

wasn’t expecting it to be good but 10/10

We really liked the Urb live resin disposable. It was a clean pull and good until the end

On par with Delta-9

Of all of the vapes (Dleta 8 and other THC derivatives extracted from hemp) I’ve tried none put me into a cannabinoid haze in two puffs like this one (strawberry cereal). Effective. Easy to charge with an android port, draws fairly clean, can irritate throat, but with vapor inhaled turpines and it being a live resin, it’s expected. Puff lightly my friends. Don’t toke and drive!

Finally found the one for me! Live Resin is the best! Already ordered again!

Love it! First try with d10 and will return to it!

Zombi Sleep Walker Disposable - 3g
Just buy it

This stuffs potent. Not for the lightweights. Fire!

Zombi Sleep Walker Disposable - 3g
Zombie sleep walker

I have tried all three flavors of these sleepwalker 3 gram disposables and the results are in........ I love them all . Price is 40 bucks and thats a great value. These are the most potent I've tried, I try to keep one around at all times. Great taste and such a good ****.


lasted me awhile and had good flavor

Ice Cream Cake Kik Delta 8 Disposable -1000mg


hits smoothly and gives you a nice high

Rlly good

kinda leaks once it gets lower but it’s rlly good ngl, i be gone off like 5 hits 😭

Dis shii smacks son

Dis shit hits fr I’m smacked off 4 hits 😭✋🏾 Getchu one cuz fr yo